After-Dinner Show

Tasteful And Amazing!

When dinner and speeches are finished, it’s time to create a lasting impression with world-class entertainment. Let Chris weave his spell and dazzle your guests.

An experienced professional entertainer with a clean act is a necessity these days. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so look no further than Chris, to do the trick!



“Over the years I have been to countless receptions and events when Mr. Pilsworth has entertained and he is the best magician I have seen.”
Jim Watson,
Mayor of Ottawa

“Chris Pilsworth is better than advertised: a great illusionist, yes, but with a heart and mind that match it.”
Stephen Dubner, New York Times Best Selling Author


“I can’t thank you enough for your performance. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your playful style and your ability to connect with the audience.

I was in awe of how appropriate and relevant your stories were to the audience, most especially your last act with the fabric of life.

It goes without saying Chris, you are an outstanding performer and accomplished magician, but it’s the authenticity and love with which you do your craft that is so incredibly inspiring. THANK YOU!”
Christine Martinelli,
Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa

Chris Pilsworth performs magic act at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

If your evening starts with cocktails, for a client appreciation consider Chris to present classy, up-close magic.