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Chris Pilsworth

Chris Pilsworth

One Fine Day …

Chris was born. He remembers that day. He cried like a baby. Nobody knew at the time, but Chris Pilsworth was Born To Amaze!

Ottawa magician, Chris Pilsworth, discovered a passion for magic at an early age. His older brother was to blame because he had borrowed magic books from the local library, in which Chris discovered a secret world.

Oddly enough, not long after this introduction to magic, the “World of Magic” show, came to Ottawa’s National Arts Centre. It was a wonder-filled experience and sparked Chris’ desire to learn more!

After one full year of study, Chris was ready for the big time. Chris’ first performance was … a birthday party. The show went well, the fee was paid (five dollars) and the rest, they say, is history.

Chris continued to practice and perform while in high-school and university, then earned his degree in Industrial Design from Carleton University and embarked on his full-time career as a professional magician in Ottawa.

Since then Chris has appeared on TV, won awards, performed locally, nationally and internationally and met some really incredible people. It’s been a magical journey that continues to inspire him every day.

Despite our rapidly changing world, one thing is certain. Chris isn’t disappearing anytime soon. He’s having way too much fun! He invites you to be a part of his magical journey.

Things you should know about Chris Pilsworth:

  1. Hilarious
  2. Talented
  3. Has things up his sleeve
  4. He will trick you
  5. Chris Pilsworth is an amazing magician!





  • Twice Voted Ottawa Magician of the Year
  • Order of Merlin, International Brotherhood of Magicians
  • First Place, NYCAN Magic Competition
  • Doctorate of Magic
  • Magic Tom Auburn Award, Magie Montreal

  • Performance for Prince Edward
  • Performed for members of the Ottawa Senators
  • Performance for Supreme Court Justices
  • Performed for the British Ambassador’s party
  • Vaudeville, Canadian Premiere, Ottawa
  • Disappearing Nightly, leading role, Ottawa
  • Canada Day Celebrations, National Arts Centre
  • Toronto Magical Arts Festival: Featured Performer
  • Magic Man, Canadian Premiere, leading role, Ottawa