Top 10 Reasons to Book Chris Pilsworth

10. Over 5000 Performances!
9. Classy Ottawa Magician
8. In Business 25 years
7. Award Winning
6. Professional
5. Imaginative
4. Engaging
3. lol Funny
2. Genuine
1. Original

Live Performances!



Make your next event positively Amazing! Let Chris weave his magic and dazzle your guests. Having presented over 5000 shows, Chris knows how to deliver 5-Star entertainment.

As an Amazement Expert, he loves to perform! At work or at play, you can count on Chris to present fresh, original and impossibly good entertainment!

For over 25 years, as a professional Ottawa magician, Chris excels in delighting, enchanting and inspiring business, community and family audiences.

Put your family, friends or colleagues next in line to see Chris perform live! Entertaining them would be a pleasure.

The Great Escape

Media Reaction

“That’s spectacular!! Very nicely done.”
Kurt Stoodley, CTV

“Chris is an unparalleled showman. Unbelievable!”
Ryan Lindsay, Hot 89.9

“That is amazing! My mind is blown!”
Leanne Cusack, CTV


Amateur Magician's 1 - Deachman